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35 days after Election discover 32k+ blank ballots still available

Lisa Michaels
Lisa Michaels
27 Dec 2019

After the 2010 Oregon Congressional District 3 race was stolen by incumbent Congressman Earl Blumenauer over Delia Lopez we discovered how they consistently rig all Oregon's vote by mail fraud elections in Portland using leftover unused ballots. State law at the time required these leftover ballots be destroyed on Election Night after the polls are closed (law that has since been eliminated). about 30 days after the Election the shredding company arrived at Multnomah county Elections office the day after we demanded a partial recount and the former county elections director Vicky (was then retired and working for the ballot printing company in 2010) ordered the shredding company to leave telling them that it was because of our recount. Inconsistent chain of custody secret security plan no transparency in the ballot recounting and storage process in Multnomah County Oregon. All the damning evidence we discovered surrounding our recount was presented in court 2 years later in my lawsuit against SOS Kate Brown (current Gov of Oregon) James Buchal (2012 GOP AG Nominee) fought 3 taxpayer funded attorneys with the ruling that administrative rules issued by Oregon departments supersedes laws enacted by Oregon elected legislators.

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