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2019-12-02-Utsava predicts that Trump will stop Gates.About Julian Assange,Royals,Fisa,Obama etc.

Published on 22 May 2020 / In Film & Animation

UPDATE: Confirmed: Bill Gates and Vaccines are about to be exposed. He was arrested recently. FISA declass will be dragged on as it happened, Julian Assange introduced evidence in February. Accurate predictions in regards to DNC Scandals. In this video Utsava talks about the Queen, Charles, Camelia Parker scandals. Prince William will not be king and the dirt about the Royals will be revealed.
Utsava has predicted for years arrests with accurate time lines of the Pope, Merkel, Trudeau, Hillary Clinton, Obama, the Queen, Prince Andrew, Prince Charles and many more. You won't find these types of accurate prophecies anywhere else. YouTube keeps deleting her channels.
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eddyenglish 7 months ago

Im a bit confused , you said in a previous video that prince Charles was dead ?

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