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15 Unbelievable Animals That Saved Other Animals

Published on 02 May 2021 / In Pets & Animals

In the wild, all animals are at risk. Some more than others, but if they don’t watch their back, their lives may very well be cut short. Sometimes they get lucky and another animal from another species, they’ve never seen before may lend a helping hand. Sometimes, the reason why is unknown. Regardless, they should just count themselves lucky.

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Baboons Rescue Antelope

Baboons can become vicious when they are threatened and will gang up on predators to defend their territory, but what about when another animal is in trouble? Watch how this cheetah targets an antelope and see what happens next. After a quick run, the cheetah finally captures the antelope, but a group of baboons intervenes, and the cheetah abandons its prey. The baboons stand up to the cheetah who hisses at them, and they even chase it for a short distance scaring the cheetah off. The baboons even go check out the antelope to see if it's okay. The antelope seems injured, breathing on the ground, but eventually gets up and has difficulty walking among the baboons, but will live to see another day. Baboons gang up on a leopard this time and they chase it away. Baboons are fierce opponents, and they shouldn’t be messed with.

Bear Rescues Crow

Bears have been known to be nice. Watch what happens when this bear finds a crow drowning in a pond next to it. The bear notices the crow and reaches out to it with its paw as if to lift it out of the water. Maybe it is to eat it but let us watch and see before we jump to conclusions. The bear pulls the crow out of the water with its mouth clinging to one of the crow’s wings and just drops the crow on the ground before attending to its food. The crow looks a little out of it and tries getting back on its feet, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be easy. Eventually, the crow can get up and the bear still has its back turned away from the crow. Believe it or not, the bear actually saved the crow from drowning, because it had absolutely no interest in the crow afterward. What a great feat by this friendly and cuddly bear. This next clip shows a crow annoying a big polar bear who does not seem to mind the crow plucking at its fur. It finally feels something and turns around, notices the crow, but doesn’t really care.

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