1000 Years! - Sturminster Newton Water Mill

Sandy Brown
Sandy Brown
14 Aug 2019

Diana Tigwell and Peter Loosmore take a fascinating look into the workings of Sturminster Newton water mill, which has existed at this location for 1000 years (as of 2016).

We take a detailed look at how the mill is operated from opening up the water supply to doing some milling and then closing down again at the end of the day. Along the way we look at the individual machines and processes through which the raw materials that make flour must go, before it is ready to make into products such as bread.

Step Back in Time TV would like to thank Sturminster Museum & Mill - http://www.sturminsternewton-museum.co.uk/ for enabling us to make this film.

We would particularly like to thank Peter Loosmore and Tony Brandon for giving up several Saturdays and undertaking some heavy maintenance work, in order for us to film the workings of this mill in detail.

We are planning more in this series covering the history and the inner workings of the machines at Sturminster Mill, and other mills.

Thank you for watching.

Production Team:

Giles Warham
Clare Hooper
Diana Tigwell

With special thanks to our volunteer crew, who make the production process efficient and a lot of fun.

NB. This took over 30 hours to upload! (1.4Gb) ... BWK Devon, UK Really needs faster Internet! (Especially UP speeds ... Currently 1mbit :-( ).

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