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Lt. And we know
Published on 18 Jan 2021 / In News & Politics

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RiverRatBrat2 3 months ago

Done with You Tube. ? I have told others about you. And have told them to keep the faith that change is coming. GB the plan!

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vulnavia 3 months ago

Thank you for your service. ❤️????

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ResistanceChicks 3 months ago

Quayle, Spelled incorrectly below.

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ResistanceChicks 3 months ago

Whenever anyone gets near Steve Quayle, who has done some great documentaries, People come under some kind of spell? Mike Adams did a doug Haggman video with Steve, Alex Jones just did one with Steve qualye then came under fear. I don't agree with the Monetary reset by President Trump. That is confusing with Alex Jones and Make Adams they support President Trump but they act like he didn't know what he wasn't getting into when he was elected President. The Bible is very clear "A master builder weighs the cost" before he starts to build. So once he gets into he doesn't have to stop because of lack of preparation. Free Mason comes to mind. It can be confusing but President Trump can look like a good guy and look like a Free Mason because he is torn in 2 pieces. His Mother's side God, then his Father's side building. Trying to mix them is like mixing oil and Water they will never mix.

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Lt. And we know
Lt. And we know 3 months ago

both oil and water do not mix although in many instaces they work together. my name is chris brandt i keep up this channel for Lt.

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