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'There's nowhere to hide' from President Donald Trump

01 Apr 2020

Sky News host Chris Kenny says if Joe Biden is to become the Democratic nominee there will be “nowhere for him to hide” when he debates Donald Trump on stage.

Joe Biden has turned his attention towards the general election against Donald Trump after another string of strong results in Wednesday’s Democratic primary.

Voters in six states went to the polls to nominate which candidate they believe should face Donald Trump in November’s presidential election.

Despite a dismal start to his campaign, the former vice president is now the undisputed front runner after a series of victories, including the vital industrial mid-west state of Michigan.

Mr Kenny said the success of Joe Biden is looking like a “disaster for the Democrats”.

“The media seem to be running a protection racket for him over there at the moment”.

“But when he’s on stage in a presidential debate with Donald Trump, there’s nowhere for him to hide”.

Image: AP

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