'08 More Reasons Why Obama is Not a "Natural Born Citizen" Pt 2

Lisa Michaels
Lisa Michaels
06 Apr 2019

CENSORSHIP OF VIEWS Utube/Ggl prevent this nearly 10 year old provacative video from going viral by adding legitimate views. See for yourself watch it then switch to another video then return the number of views will have remained the same. This censorship of views appears to be attached to all my youTube channels, defrauding my ad sense account of earned revenue so I have demonetized most of my videos.
This is our 2008 discussion about the evidence against Obama's claim to be a natural born citizen.Finally after over 3 years in 2011 AZ Sheriff's investigation proves Obama to be the fraud that we said he was way back in late November of 2008.
Since our discussion numerous websites, books, blogs and court cases have tried to expose this fraud, but not until now have we had definitive proof that our former President committed fraud by stating that a fraudulent document was truly a copy of his actual HI birth certificate when in fact it was a forgery.
There should be a Congressional investigation into the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on our planet. Watch the entire expose the crooked fake corporate news organizations refuse to report.

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